Mi USB Fan – Review

This summer I traveled to Europe. In the heat of airport queues and non-air-conditioned rooms, one tiny product made a huge difference to my comfort. It was a USB-powered fan from Xiaomi, known simply as the Mi USB Fan. Together with a USB power bank, it enabled me to catch a breeze while standing in line, or while trying to sleep on a warm evening.

Why You Might Love It

It’s portable and powerful. The fan disconnects from the flexible USB connection and motor portion, allowing it to store sleekly in a small bag. Portability is key here, since an amazing fan that isn’t with you, is of no value. It’s also powerful. For a fan that’s so portable and powered only by USB, it generates a significant breeze that is effective even several feet away. Connected to a 10,000mA USB power bank the fan will run all night, with juice to spare.

Why You Might Hate It

Unless you hate being cool, or own no devices with USB ports, there’s not too much to dislike here. The device performs as advertised without too much flash or fuss.


If you’re someone who sweats a lot, or finds many rooms too hot to be comfortable, or you travel, or you sit at a desk in a warm office, this is a handy weapon to keep nearby. It’s cheap, portable, powerful, and dare I even say cute (it comes in white, blue, and pink).

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