LE Portable LED Lamp and Bluetooth Speaker – Review

Stores are awash with portable Bluetooth speakers in almost every imaginable shape, size, and feature set.  From shower head speakers to flower pot speakers, it seems no form factor is off limits to a speaker and Bluetooth connectivity.  The LE Lights01 from Lighting Ever combines a Bluetooth speaker with a bright multicolour LED ring and a claimed 5-hour battery life when using both simultaneously.  It’s all contained in a package the size and weight of a soup bowl.

Why You Might Love It

The LED light is surprisingly bright, with an even glow around the entire translucent surface of the ring. The three levels of brightness for the white mode would be ideal for camping.  The speaker/light can be placed flat on a table, but it also includes a metal handle for hanging the unit, perhaps inside a tent.

Also great for an evening on the patio, it features a multicolor LED option, with vibrant colors.  They can be picked specifically, set to gently cycle through, or react to the beat of the music being played via Bluetooth.

The integrated speaker is adequately loud to fill a patio area or campsite with clear sound.  While it’s a single speaker and doesn’t have thumping bass, it does deliver a crisp and full audio experience in a small package.  Media playback options include Bluetooth, 3.5mm audio jack, or a MicroSD card reader.

The unit also features power and mode buttons, along with the expected back, forward, and play/pause buttons to control Bluetooth audio.

Why You Might Hate It

While there is much to love about the LE Lights01, it does have a design quirk.  Switching between white and colored LED modes, as well as between the various LED colour and cycling settings, is done using the touch-sensitive speaker grill in the center of the LED ring.  While it feels futuristic, it’s not always responsive and can sometimes be inadvertently activated when just trying to move the unit.  A physical button would have worked better here, and saved some inevitable frustration.


Lighting Ever has combined a great sounding Bluetooth speaker and bright LED light into one portable, compact, and generally well-designed package.  I look forward to taking it on my next camping trip, expecting it will become a great addition to my camping equipment collection.

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